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The Problem

Improper storage over a long period of time causes serious harm to handbags. This is a direct consequence of three main mistakes that handbags’ owners make:

  • Hanging handbags on inappropriate hooks or devices that preserve their bodies but break their handles;
  • Wrongly arranging them on a flat surface that causes crumpling of the bags’ leather and damaging of their original body shape due to pressuring handbags by each other or piling them one over another;
  • Storing the handbags in a position that differs from the only appropriate vertical hanging position.

The Solution

Handbags look their best when they are stored hanging in a certain way which preserves both their handles and their bodies from deforming.
Handbags are designed to be carried in a human’s hand. That is why the most appropriate and the less disruptive way for hanging a handbag should imitate the way that it is worn in a woman’s hand. It means that the handles should take vertical position to the body of the handbag, as well as the body itself shouldn’t be pressured by another handbag or surface.
This inspired the design of Lady’s Hand hanger, which follows the shape of the female hand and simulates the way a woman naturally holds her handbag.

How to use it

Just hang your handbag on the hanger’s bearing part and apply the hook to any portable or fixed object with a rail to hang on. It’s that simple! You may now keep your handbag safe anywhere: in the closet, on the bus’ horizontal rail, on the car seat headrest poles while driving and even on a standard shopping cart rail, while shopping. You may use the hanger at your office, in the cafes, bars and restaurants you visit, take it when you travel and you can basically put it anywhere possible, where you can hang a regular hanger.

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